Libraries Hacked was founded by Dave in 2014, but through the years all projects have received generous contributions in time and effort from many collaborators. All projects are open source and free to use and adapt. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Flagship projects

These are bigger projects, usually with their own website name and more regular maintenance.

Year Project Description
2014 Data blog A place for regular blog posts about library data and digital prototypes
2019 Mobile libraries Displaying times and routes of mobile libraries across the UK
2019 Create Tools for creating, publishing and using public library open data
2020 Libraries at home A library service postcode lookup service and aggregator of online content such as videos, blog posts, and podcasts
2020 Library map A library map and postcode lookup service displaying library building information, opening hours, and location analysis
2020 Library lab Documentation for library prototypes and ideas
2021 Library books A tool to search the catalogues of all UK library services by ISBN
2022 Fine free libraries A website to track and promote libraries going fine-free in the UK

Small data hacks

Various hacks created using library data.

Year Project Description
2016 Wuthering hacks A data dashboard for presenting Newcastle libraries open data
2018 World library data Displaying the IFLA Library map data in a data table
2018 Disrupters A twitter list of library disruptors displaying latest tweets and what they’re talking about

Other collaborations

External blog posts and other things with Libraries Hacked involvement.

Year Project Description
2017 Voyage of the Data Treader Library data unconferences organised with Claire from Plymouth and Aude from Newcastle library services. Held in 2017 at Liverpool Library and 2019 at Manchester Library
2018 Libraries on Twitter Displaying latest tweets from various library account lists, all compiled by Library Cactus on Twitter
2019 Library data schemas A sector led and DCMS hosted public library sector project to design schemas for open library data
2021 Libraries and High Streets A DCMS blog about libraries and high streets which links to Libraries Hacked work
2022 Frictionless Data - Libraries Hacked A post written for the Frictionless Data project (from the Open Knowledge Foundation) about library data schemas.