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these guides are designed to demonstrate the use of APIs and data featured on libraries hacked. where code is involved, this will always be made available on the github repository.

encryption, library catalogues, and security testing

how seriously are UK public libraries taking web security, and how can it be tested?

 encryption   HTTPS   penetration testing   security

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creating an RSS feed from IP data

use google apps scripts to make use of IP weekly list data

 JavaScript  scripting  XML  RSS

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making interactive web charts with Highcharts

linking to CSV data to quickly publish live charts on the web.

 JavaScript  Highcharts

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public libraries and indices of deprivation

analysing the 2015 indices of deprivation data with relation to lower layer super output areas and the location of libraries


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colouring-in open data maps

 GIS  colouring

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a british national bibliography smartwatch app

 JavaScript  SPARQL  PebbleJS

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creating data driven dashboards

 JavaScript  DCJS  D3

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data analysis during a library consultation

 mapping  JavaScript  web services

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use google apps scripts to schedule notifications

 JavaScript  scripting  XML

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turning RSS WordPress posts into tabular data

 JavaScript  jQuery  AJAX  YQL

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making your own library account barcode


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extracting link data from twitter searches

 JQuery  JavaScript  JSON  SQL

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automation on mobile operating systems

 python  scripting

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YQL and global library stats

 JavaScript  XML  JSON  SQL

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making sure your hack sites can't be hacked

 WordPress  security

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book search auto-complete textbox

 HTML  JavaScript  jQuery  JSON

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