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data visualisations, maps, portals for open data, web scraping tools, merging and connecting data, cleaning data...there are many tools on the web for any data needs. this page is a small subset of these, which will be used in the guides and quick tutorials.


tools for visualising data, typically on the web.


from the open knowledge foundation labs, creates dynamic timeline visualisations, integrating with external data sources such as google spreadsheets.

leaflet js maps

an open source map library for creating interactive and mobile-friendly maps.

 web  example

interactive JavaScript charts for web visualisations. another charting plugin for visualising data.

google charts

dynamic charts/tables and other visualisations for displaying on websites, with an easy to use JavaScript API.

dimensional charting JavaScript library

DC JS - a JavaScript library based on D3 to provide an easy way of rendering charts on web and mobile platforms.

D3 data driven documents

a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. includes some great examples for creating charts, diagrams, cartograms and any data based visualisation that can be thought of.

 web  example

built on a cloud based postGIS database platform, carto makes it easy to create maps online using geography data, and offers a completely free option for low usage.


data querying

tools for querying and manipulating data into the format you require.

yahoo query language (YQL)

a yahoo developed expressive SQL-like language that lets you query, filter, and join data across web services.


the R project for statistical computing. a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.


formally google refine, open refine is a free tool for working with data. cleaning messy data, transforming it into other forms, extending it easily with web services. watch the video on the homepage for an excellent introduction.


data portals

software and cloud-based platforms for publishing data.

swirrl publish my data

a linked data publishing platform, allowing organisations to serve 5-star open data on the web.

socrata open data portal

a platform for organisations to open up data, allowing user access to that data to browse, export and create visualisations, and developer access through an API.

DKAN drupal data portal

a drupal based open source data portal for publishing data, including API and visualisation features.

CKAN data portal

open source data management system to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data.

CIPFA datashare

a platform for local government to share datasets, developed by CIPFA and london borough of redbridge.