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general hack organising guides

guides to running hackathons, codes of conduct, and tools.

socrata - how to run a hackathon

socrata guide to running a tech event, including sponsorship, promoting, scheduling, and pitching ideas.


hackathon in a box

socrata and API evangelist bundle together resources for running a hackathon, including a step by step hackathon guide and free data hosting options.


library hacks

guides to library hacks and makerspaces. the current situation, where to find them, and opinion.

3d printers and makerspaces in libraries

public libraries news updated page on the current state of 3d printers and makerspaces in uk libraries.


organise a mashed library event

part of the mashed library wiki pages, advice for organising events.


mashups and open data in libraries

a paper describing the origins of mashups, data formats, licensing and retrieval of data online, and focus on the role of libraries as publishers or consumers.



posts around diversity in hack events and hackathons. how to ensure hacks appeal to all.

creating a hackathon with 50/50 female and male participants

from spotify labs - how gender diversity was made a requirement for a hackathon.


running an inclusive hackathon

from - how to get better representation at your hackathon. talks about food, encouraging beginners, prizes and having a code of conduct.


make. where are the women?

a look at the lack of female makerspace members and what to do about it.


make. make a female maker

case study of how to get more girls involved in maker spaces and maker faires.


make: inclusive makerspaces

an article explaining why it's good for everyone when makerspaces are more inclusive.



first-hand experiences of library hack days. if you have a post you want to be featured here please send it in. or if you'd like to write one, it can be hosted here.

what is the value of hack days

post exploring the value of hack days, from experience of the spot on conference at the british library. including pros and cons and ideas to improve.


hack days - antidote to a clogged up system

a pro-hack days post around the context of an NHS hack day in Cardiff.


learning guides

when hack events encourage beginners they can be a great environment for learning. but there are lots of online learning resources to use before and after hacks.

library carpentry

four three-hour software skills sessions focused on the needs and requirements of the library professionals.



a network of volunteer led coding clubs for children aged 9-11. search to see the nearest clubs near you.



an interactive learning environment with tools covering many major languages as well as general goals (develop a website).