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Libraries: Hacked is a website designed to promote open-source technology hacks and projects in libraries.

Data sources

The site will highlight where to find library data sources around the web, focussing on web services and APIs, as these are most useful when creating new solutions.

Open-source code

Though not exclusively limited to featuring open-source solutions, the site will act as a platform for hosting code repositories (through GitHub), and any code created through the site will be made available and open.

Examples of interesting open-source library projects around the web will also be listed.

Hack events in libraries

Hacks produce technological solutions created within communities, to provide innovative uses of data.

Libraries are places for data and information, and making that open to the community. A natural setting for hack projects is therefore a library, which is why this site focusses on library hack events.

Articles and collaboration

Articles from a variety of sources will be put on the site to provide guidance for those interested in the technology. Some examples of these will be:

Any contributors will be given a link to work on an article which can directly be published to the site, and they will have access to this to make modifications as necessary.


With a National libraries festival, Exeter Fab lab, Pi and Mash, and more, there is already an exciting lineup for 2014.

Website launch dates tend to be the point a website is ready to begin, rather than a date when it is finished. In this case it is definitely the former - more content will be available soon.

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